About Tib e Nabvi Blog

Tibenabvi is the first Islamic blog that focuses on the inspiration and the exalted role model of Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Our Holy Prophet set the Highest standards of lifestyle and health unparalleled to any other human being. Our Blog is pioneered from the Combined efforts of Team UnitedSol with the sworn purpose to spread awareness about the treasured of health, Islamic remedies to the most common illnesses and certain elixirs of Life unheard by today’s technology taken world.

Our Vision

We have pledged not only to establishing the purity of Islamic teachings, but fusing it with today’s technology and how it influenced over course of 1400 years. Our blog will resurface interesting Islamic medical breakthroughs attested by Holy Prophet S.A.W with Authentic Ahadith and Quranic Revelations that testify the truth of our blessed Prophet S.A.W’s saintly and healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned to learn and benefit from the forgotten knowledge of TibeNabvi.

What Exactly is TibeNabvi

Over nearly one and a half millennia, the sacred and divine guidance of Prophetic Medicine have been sidelined by the rising tide of technology and conventional remedies. Tib e Nabvi is the supreme knowledge of Medicine practiced by Hadhrat Muhammad S.A.W to cure illnesses of the body, spirit and the mind granted by Allah himself through Revelations. Through authentic traditions and certified Ahadith, we have coined the treasured wisdom of TibeNabvi and decided to share it with the entire world.

Cure for Heart & Soul

TibeNabvi is the divine healing of the Heart and Soul. TibeNabvi is one of the greatest miracles of Allah, which allows the person to heal physiologically as well as psychologically. These cures work like a double edged sword, cleansing the body from harmful agents while purifying the soul from evil and malevolent intents.

Four Principal of Cure by TibeNabvi:

Keep The Good Deeds

TibeNabvi is not just confined to medicinal and physiological healing. Every Muslim who hopes to achieve the benefits of Prophetic medicine must have full faith and practice in the Sunnah and teachings of Holy Prophet. The person should be spiritually in contact with Allah and submit to supreme authority of Allah as the only savior and healer. This means the person should offer Salat, Fast, Sadaqah, recite Quran, do zikr, Dua and Ruqya, Zakat, Husn-e-Khulq and other noble deeds as prescribed and performed by Holy Prophet S.A.W. TibeNabwi is branched into many remedies of the body and mind, but if the person has spiritual hindrance, the path to healing can become obstructed.

Follow a Proper Food Plan:

Looking after your nutritional food content is imperative. It has been mentioned on hundreds of occasions by Holy Prophet S.A.W and exemplified through his unmatched character. TibeNabwi emphasizes on the use of organic and nutrition rich food that does not harm the body, mind or is declared Haram in Islam. The importance and nutritional facts of a simple Date has been shared by Holy Prophet S.A.W, while the use of Honey, Vinegar, Millets, Pulses and Wholegrain have been exclusively emphasized by Holy Prophet S.A.W. Following a proper food plan will ensure a healthy living and make TibeNabwi more effective on the body.

Follow a Proper Herbal Plan

Herbs are just as important as nutrition and play a key role in Prophetic medicine. There are numerous herbs, plants, tree extracts and different substances mentioned in Ahadiths and traditions that were used by Holy Prophet S.A.W to cure the even vilest illnesses and diseases of that time. Some herbs are used to treat specific ailments while others can be used on a daily routine to enhance mental and bodily functions. In today’s age of technology, pharmaceutical drugs are used and abused even for most common diseases such as Cold Flu and Skin Rashes. Many herbs dedicatedly used in TibeNabwi have documented and proven results in curing these diseases without causing any harmful effects to the body.

Wet Cupping / Hijama

Among the numerous cupping procedures, Hijama is no doubt the most beneficial blood letting therapy. Its Islamic relevance and the practice of Holy Prophet S.A.W is the reason for its unlimited benefits to the body and mind. It was quoted by Holy Prophet during his Journey from Makkah to Jerusalem and from there to the heavens that every company of Angels that that he passed by would say, “O Muhammad! Order your Ummah (nation) to use Hijamah (wet cupping)”. It helps the person from ridding toxins within the body and stimulating healthy blood flow to the organs. Although its medicinal and therapeutic benefits are countless, it’s popularly used for pain relief, detoxification, relieving pressure points, restoring blood flow, and joint healing. For diseases, Hijama is extremely effective against anxiety, fibromyalgia, insomnia, chronic pain, post-injury trauma, post-surgery adhesions, cellulite and a sluggish colon etc.