What is Breast Cancer and How it can be Treated?

What is Breast Cancer and How it can be Treated?


What is Breast Cancer and How it can be Treated?


The word cancer is itself a frightening one, let alone the disease. I get goosebumps whenever hear about a patient going through the pain, struggle, and the trauma of cancer. Escape from this life-threatening disease is only possible with timely diagnosis, thorough care, and effective treatment.

What is Breast Cancer?

A cancer is when a cell or tissue of your body begins to grow abnormal and form a piece of mass or lumps. There is an innumerable collection of diseases that are classified under the head of cancer, and among them, breast cancer is a disastrous one. When the breast cells grow uncontrollably in a body, a tumor is formed, which is called a breast cancer or tumor. Among women, this is one of the major and common forms of cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer You Need to Know

Identifying the symptoms at an early age can get the patient rid of this disease quickly and forever. Knowing the symptoms of breast cancer is useful for every woman so that they can recognize any abnormal growth in their body and consult the doctor immediately rather than taking it for granted.
A major symptom is the creation of a mass or lump in both or either of the breasts. The cancerous mass is identified by its hardness, uneven edges, or painless existence. But, certain exceptions are there and have to be considered as such a mass can be soft, round, tender, and painful as well. Read the below signs to have a broader aspect of identifying a cancerous lump.

  • Partial or complete swelling of a breast
  • Marks, dimples, or skin hurt
  • Pain in the overall breast or just the nipple
  • If the nipple turns inward
  • When the breast skin or nipple goes rough, scaly, or red
  • Nipple secretes a liquid other than milk

Breast cancer is not limited to the breasts alone because it can spread across the lymph nodes and may grow a tumor under the arm, or near the collar. These signs and symptoms may occur due to any other body condition that’s why doctor’s consultancy is recommended the most.

How Breast Cancer can be treated?

Various treatments are available for breast cancer, but the doctor may select the most suitable one according to the type and stage of cancer. The doctors start with diagnosing the type of breast cancer and evaluate to what extent the tumor has reached.
Besides this, they also have to find if the tumor has any distinct feature like estrogens or progesterone. Following are some of the known treatments of removing the breast tumor.


Source: videoblocks.comA surgery is carried out to remove either the tumor with its closest tissues, this is known as lumpectomy, or removing the entire breast that is called mastectomy. These two types of surgical treatments are further classified into various types that depend on the nature and features of the tumor.


Source: loways.comChemotherapy is one of the effective breast cancer treatments that make use of drugs to destroy the cancer cells. The anti-cancer medicines can either be given before or after the surgery. Performing the therapy before surgery is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy in order to shrink the tumor and make it easier for removal. Whereas, performing the practice after a surgery is called adjuvant chemotherapy to make sure the destruction of cancer cells that are still present in the body.

Radiation Therapy

Source: mp3.xyzThe radiation therapy takes on to kill the cancerous cells through high-energy waves. Such a treatment is delivered by a qualified radiation oncologist. The doctor can better decide either to carry radiation therapy with an external-beam or right into the tumor. The therapy is quite effective for patients whose tumor is not developed high enough to the lymph nodes. There are numerous variations to radiation therapy.

Hormone Therapy

Source: stanford.eduThe hormone therapy also involves the application of drugs to stop the further growth of breast cancer. In this method of treatment, the hormones are prevented from feeding the tumor to increase in size. As a result, the patient may suffer from vaginal dryness and hot flashes.

Targeted Therapy

Source: ytube.tvWith a targeted therapy, various medications are tried to empower the immune system of the patient to kill cancer. The cancer-causing cells are targeted in this method through high doses of protein often called HER2.

Prophetic Treatment for Breast Cancer | Tib-e-Nabvi

Tib-e-nabvi has an effective and incredible breast cancer treatment that is majorly performed with a diet rich in proteins and abundance of commercially processed food. The treatment also involves the removal of toxins from the body through hijama that is a cupping therapy performed on various body points to extract the cancerous cells affecting the immune system.

Hijama – The Cupping Therapy

Source: videoblocks.comHijama can be performed by a certified and professional therapist for breast cancer. The blood toxin extraction cups are tied to various points that include chest, abdomen, arms, and back. In total, it amounts to 17 points to ensure the infection is removed effectively from the upper body of the patient.

Diet rich in Fiber

Source: consumerreports.orgThe prophetic treatment of breast cancer starts with a healthy diet that includes taking fiber-rich barley and any food extracted from it, using oil that is low in fats like olive oil, low intake of beef or mutton protein, and having natural diuretics like barley water, lemon juice, camel’s milk, and nabeez – a drink made by soaking dates, raisins, or grapes in water all the night and having it in the morning on empty stomach.

Food Avoidance

Source: pinterest.comStart using olive oil in food rather than the commercially processed cooking oil. include any recipe made with barley in lunch and dinner. Accompany barley with fresh vegetables like gourd, bitter gourd, sweet potatoes, carrot, green beans, beetroots, and turnip.
Avoid potatoes, egg-plant, lady-fingers, cauliflower, and cabbage, and include fruits like quince, pomegranate, and figs that are recommended the most in tib-e-nabvi. Say goodbye to rice, wheat, cold drinks and soda water, artificial juices, tea, coffee, energy drinks, salted and fried food, pickles, packed milk and any dairy product, any processed food that is either packed or canned.

Herbal Medication

Source: videoblocks.comTibenabvi is a complete code of healthy lifestyle that is not limited to prevention of disease by diet or hijama, as it extends to formulating prophetic medication with plants, herbs, and natural extracts. For breast cancer treatment, you can make herbal medicine by taking these extracts in a balanced amount.
It includes Senna leaves, black seed, Aloe Vera extract, Marine Costus, Garden Cress, Fenugreek seeds, Celery seeds, Chicory seeds, Frankincense, Pomegranate Rind, Dill seeds, Basil seeds, Marjoram, Dried ginger, Sweet flag, Mugwort, Thyme, Ziziphus leaves, and myrrh.


Breast cancer is just another disease that can be life-threatening if not treating well and in a timely manner. But, the ignorance of common people has made it dreadful diseases. It is not a lifelong condition like diabetes, celiac, or gluten allergy.
It is curable with a variety of surgical procedures and medications. In the post, we have added prophetic breast cancer treatment as well to help you look into something different than the conventional methodologies. It will help you in understanding the diseases and selecting a suitable treatment for the patient.


Syed Waqqas Mohsin Syed Waqqas Mohsin is a senior writer for Tib-e-Nabvi with extensive knowledge on all things Tib. You can find me on twitter @waqqasmohsin.