Treating Depression the Right Way

Treating Depression the Right Way


Treating Depression the Right Way


Depression is often termed as a silent killer because it creeps up silently and affects without letting the victim know. It saps away the energy, fills the patient with negative emotions and discourages them from seeing help. Recovering from depression is not easy and requires a lot of support from people related to the patient. The first step towards treating depression is the hardest, as it requires breaking away from bad habits and a negative mindset. The following are 10 ways through which you can start treating depression and get healthy. Your mind and body deserve it, and so does everyone around you.

Start Socializing and Stay Connected

The first step towards treating depression is acknowledging it. Get support from doctors and those around you. Managing a healthy social life while dealing with depression can be a hard thing, as it requires diligently fighting bad physical and mental habits.

Avoiding social contact is the first thing a depressed person does. They are insecure about themselves and seek isolation, which is very unhealthy. Patients often describe feeling lethargic, not feeling like talking with people, feeling down and simply having a grim look about life.

Follow these tips to get back in the game and start socializing:

Look for Supportive People

Finding supportive people is vital for treating depression. They are the people who will support you through thick and thin and will listen to the issues you are facing without bias. They will not shy away from giving their piece of mind and helping you break the mold of bad habits.

Face-to-Face Socializing is Important

Socializing physically is necessary to fight off depression. It requires a person to continually invest in forming social circles and mingling with them. Simply talking with someone face to face is reassuring and lets you know that there are people who care.

Get Support, Give Support

As strange as it may sound, helping another depressed person is among the best ways to fight off depression. It allows a person to understand what is wrong with themselves by looking at a similar patient. Moreover, they are all too familiar with what the person is suffering from, hence they are able to offer mental support which is exactly what they would want in their position.


  • Start socializing.
  • Find a support group.
  • Face-to-face socializing is important.
  • Talk to someone who cares.
  • Help those who are suffering from depression.

Do Things Which Make You Happy

Find things which will make you happy. Doing them will instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. It will help relax and restore mental energy to do more. However, these things should be constructive in nature, such as following a hobby to build something, learning a new language or honing a skill. It is imperative that they have some positive outcomes, as they will reinforce good habits.

The following things will help you achieve better mental health and happiness:

Aim for 8 Hours of Sleep

Sleep is necessary for a healthy mind, body, and soul. It allows the body to rest and recuperate after staying awake. Sleep is necessary

Limit Your Stress

Stress causes the body to go into a fight or flight stance. Chronic stress starts breaking down the body, as it is unable to cope with being in such situations for the long-term and is detrimental for treating depression. Limiting stress normalizes the release of hormones into the bloodstream, which results in a balanced, healthy body.

Take Up Hobbies

Taking up constructive hobbies provides mental relief from stress. It promotes a healthy habit of doing something constructive, which encourages doing other things that will benefit the person. They enable a patient suffering from depression to focus on something other than themselves and know that they can make a difference.


  • Reduce stress.
  • Find constructive hobbies.
  • Get proper sleep.
  • Find happiness.


Exercising is the best way to beat stress from a physical perspective. It also ranks among the best ways to beat stress from a mental perspective, as it signals the release of endorphins and other hormones that are necessary for a healthy body. If you cannot exercise on a regular basis or feel like stress is blocking you, then join a gym. Consider getting a training partner who will keep you motivated and bring you to the gym so that the healthy habit can be reinforced.

The following habits will get you in shape and develop a mindset to exercise on a regular basis.

Exercise Every Other Day

Instead of exercising every day, consider going for an every other day routine. The gap day will allow you to recover and slowly cement a habit in which you will exercise on a regular basis.

Find the Right Routine

There are various kinds of exercises, ranging from powerlifting and cross fit to mixed martial arts and yoga. Find the right one for yourself by trying each a bit and then sticking with one which agrees with you. Align them with your personal goals. Looking to start directing aggression in the right way? Martial arts. Is it muscle mass you are after? Powerlifting. Searching for mental clarity and peace? Try yoga.

Take Care of Nutrition

No exercise routine is effective for treating depression unless it is paired with a proper diet plan. Nutrition is the core of a healthy mind and body and it is imperative to keep the body fueled up for good health. A balanced diet signals the body to maintain normal metabolic activities. It also provides the macro and micronutrients needed for hormone production, which keeps the body running.


  • Take care of your diet.
  • Exercise.
  • Find people with similar interests in exercising.


Mirza Mussawer Mirza Mussawer is a software engineer and blogging enthusiast with special interest in Tib-e-Nabvi. Islam has an embellished history in medical sciences with its core belief in healing of both spirit and body. By following Tib-e-Nabvi, one can follow the ways of The Holy Prophet (SAW) and achieve complete healing and restoration without any side effects.