Lemon Grass Benefits According to Tibenabvi

Lemon grass is also known as izkher in Arabic. It has strong medicinal properties which are often used as an alternative medicine for treating various diseases. It has a dry (first degree) and hot (second degree) potency, thus allowing it to clear blocked arteries and cleanse the digestive tract. Camels grazing in the desert often eat herbs such as sandalwood, rosewood and lemon grass, which enriches their milk with the essence of the herbs. Lemon grass uses include numerous ways in which its innumerable effects can be utilized. These range from being served as a tea to being used in dressing wounds. Izkher is common to Arab deserts and has a noticeably more potent taste than the common species. Lemon grass benefits have been used since ancient times.

  • Reference in Hadith: إذخر.
  • Reference in Quran: None.
  • Arabic Name: إذخر.
  • English Name: Cymbopogon, lemon grass.
  • Urdu Name: لیمن گراس.

Quranic References of Lemon Grass

There is no mention of lemon grass in The Holy Quran.

What is Lemon Grass?

Lemon grass is also called Cymbopogon, with the genus containing many other subspecies. It is a widely used ingredient in Asian dishes, which rely on its bitter, citric flavor to enhance food. The herb is specific to Arab regions (izkher) grows in hot and dry desert conditions. The species has a stronger bitterness and fragrance to it as compared to its counterparts because of the harsher conditions it grows in, which increases its potency. The numerous lemon grass benefits allow the entire plant to be used as a medicinal herb.

The medicinal grass acts as both preservative and insect repellant, which has prompted its common usage in various areas. Since its essential oil extracts have strong antiseptic properties, they are actively used in the manufacture of various medicines. Brewing its tea is the easiest way to extract its essence for consumption. It relieves constipation and breaks down kidney stones, therefore allowing normal passage of urine and stool. The tea calms nausea and keeps stomach acidity in check. Lemon grass tea for weight loss is an excellent addition to the diet for losing unhealthy stored fat in the body.

Lemon grass has been used since the time of The Holy Prophet (SAW), as it is mentioned in hadith. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said about Makkah: “Do not cut its plants.” Hazrat Abass (RA) said, “Except for Izkher, O Messenger of Allah for their (the people of Makkah) servants use it and it is used for their house”, so our beloved Prophet replied, “Except Izkher” ( narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA)). This goes to show that lemon grass uses were quite well-known even in the early days of Islam. The health benefits of lemon grass have ensured that early civilizations could benefit from medicine with their rudimentary knowledge.

Nutritional Information

Following is the nutritional information of lemon grass per 100 grams”

No. Nutrients Unit Value per 100 g
01 Energy Kcal 99
02 Carbohydrates grams 25.31
03 Protein grams 1.82
04 Fat grams 0.49
06 Folates µg 75
07 Niacin milligrams 1.101
08 Pyridoxine milligrams 0.080
09 Riboflavin milligrams 0.135
10 Thiamin milligrams 0.065
11 Vitamin A milligrams 6
12 Vitamin C milligrams 2.6
13 Sodium milligrams 6
14 Potassium milligrams 723
15 Minerals
16 Calcium milligrams 65
17 Copper milligrams 0.266
18 Iron milligrams 8.17
19 Magnesium milligrams 60
20 Manganese milligrams 5.244
21 Selenium µg 0.7
22 Zinc milligrams 2.23

Medicinal Lemon Grass Benefits

Lemon grass has numerous benefits that have been endorsed under tibenabvi. The people or Arab used to use the blessed grass for numerous purposes, ranging from medicinal and tea making to usage in funeral rites. Following are the tibenabvi lemon grass benefits:

1. Remedy for Anxiety

The herb tea has a pleasant smell and contains compounds that make it a suitable nervine medicine. It reduces nervousness, nausea, and anger, consequently inducing a sense of calmness. It increases focus by suppressing anxiety and allowing the mind to focus on prioritized tasks.

2. Controlling Cholesterol

Lemon grass benefits have been authenticated through clinical records. They have been proven for helping patients with cholesterol. It contains anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-hypercholesterolemic properties which reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is bad cholesterol. It aids the body in maintaining healthy levels of triglycerides, which keeps cholesterol in check. Similarly, it boosts cardiac health by keeping the arteries free of cholesterol, which can otherwise solidify and clog them. Lemon grass tea for weight loss provides the body with excellent benefits to lose unhealthy weight. Read more about fats and cholesterol here.

3. Boosts Immunity Against Infections

Lemon grass benefits include boosting immunity, thus increasing the biological capability of the human body to combat sickness. It enhances the immune system against infections such as scabies, sores, UTI and yeast. The herb is useful both as a poultice for external use and as a brewed tea for ingestion which contains its essence. It has positive dermatological effects for improving skin condition and curbing skin infections. A combination of tea derived from the herb and honey is a time tested remedy against fever. Lemon grass uses have been documented since ancient civilizations and is actively used to this day.

4. Improves Oral Health

Lemon grass provides a significant improvement in oral health. People consuming herbal tea brewed from it benefited from stronger teeth, whiter enamel and pleasant breath. Chewing on it slowly releases its essence while cleaning the mouth of embedded plaque with its fiber. The antibacterial properties eliminate bacteria in the mouth, which is ultimately the cause of bad breath and dental decay. The vitamins and minerals are essential for keeping the teeth in prime condition. They are also vital components of the teeth itself, being deposited after ingestion. There are many health benefits of lemon grass for oral health, which cover fighting bacteria to better enamel on teeth.

5. Promotes Red Blood Cell Production

Lemon grass has been shown to increase red blood cell production in the human body, consequently increasing the absorption of oxygen. The vitamins and minerals present in it are necessary for the human body to produce more blood cells. It is easily digested and readily assimilated within the body, which makes it an excellent supplement.

6. Treating Gastrointestinal Disorders

Lemon grass benefits also include anti-bacterial and soothing properties that are perfect for treating gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore, a simple herbal tea brewed from the grass kills the bacteria responsible for bloating. It also soothes the gastrointestinal lining which in turn provides relief from irritation and pain. It has mild laxative properties which are used to treat constipation. Lemon grass tea benefits the peristalsis movement, gut bacteria and is very easy to make. As a result, the health benefits of lemon grass ensure a healthy digestive tract.

7. Reduces Chances of Cancer

Lemon grass contains antioxidant properties that counteract free radicals produced within the body. As a result, it delays the natural aging process of the cells, thus keeping the body youthful and in good health. Targeting the free radicals also reduces the chances of cancers by eliminating damaged cells which may become cancerous.

8. Helps Lose Unhealthy Weight

Lemon grass tea benefits include zero calories, thus making it an excellent addition to the caloric deficit diet. This makes a superb drink for losing weight. A well-balanced diet inclusive of lemon grass tea discourages overeating. It includes polyphenols among other compounds that have been proven to stimulate metabolism. Consequently, it increases the body’s energy utilization, hence accelerating fat oxidation. This, in turn, catabolizes the fat deposits. Lemon grass tea for weight loss is prescribed by nutritionists and doctors to obese patients.

9. Treats Yeast Infection

Lemon grass is prescribed as an herbal medicine for the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections. Furthermore, its essential oil extract displays antibiotic qualities because it contains limonene and citral. This permits its usage as a topical applicant for treating bacterial infections.

10. Cures Sore Throat

Lemon grass benefits can be availed through their tea and oil extract because lemon grass tea benefits have exhibited remarkable potential in curing sore throat. Its antibacterial qualities counter bacteria which cause throat infection. The anti-inflammatory properties soothe the throat, which reduces excessive coughing and congestion.