Narcolepsy – Symptoms , Causes and treatment

Narcolepsy – Symptoms , Causes and treatment


Narcolepsy – Symptoms , Causes and treatment


Narcolepsy is defined as neurological sleep disorder, a tendency to fall asleep in day, for long intervals of time. It is characterized as an overwhelming drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep. Narcolepsy victims find it hard to stay awake in workplaces for long periods.

Causes of Narcolepsy

The exact cause of narcolepsy is unknown. It is a sleep obsession (an easy way to put it). However, scientists have made progress to find the chemical changes that cause narcolepsy. In most cases narcolepsy victims have low levels of the chemical hypo cretin. Hypo cretin is an important neuro chemical in brain that helps regulate wakefulness and REM sleep.

Symptoms of Narcolepsy

Including often sleep attacks the symptoms of narcolepsy include

  •         Loss of muscle control
  •         Hallucinations
  •         Sleep paralysis
  •         Night time wakefulness
  •         Rapid entry to REM sleep

Prophetic Treatment of Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy must be well treated as it is a cause of obesity and car accidents. According to statistics, 30 million people are suffering for narcolepsy and the numbers are accelerating. Narcolepsy is curable and the treatment is provided in Tibb.

Rehabilitate Body Temperature Pouring Cold Water

The best treatment is to reduce the body temperature which is achieved by semi cold water splashes.

Abu Ubaid narrates an incident that some people passed by a tree that they ate from and they were soon immobilized, just as if a wind had swept through by them and froze them.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. was told about the situation He said:

“Cool some water in water skins and then pour the water on them between the two Azaanain (the Fajar call to the prayer and the Iqamah)”.

Modern doctors have affirmed that the remedy that our beloved Prophet prescribed in Hadith is one of the most effective against narcolepsy. Pouring some cold water on the person afflicted by narcolepsy during the above mentioned time, which is the coolest time of the night, will cause the inborn heat that is scattered throughout the body to be energized and regulate in the inner parts of the body where the ailment persists. The powers of the body will then concentrate on expelling and resisting the ailment by AIIah’s Will.


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