Nabeez – Simply Sweet Refreshing Drink

In times of The Holy Prophet (SAW), ready-made, powdered drinks, and flavored syrups were non-existent as food processing technology had not reached that level. Hence, the people relied on simpler, more nutritious and completely natural drinks which are to this day preferred over artificial drinks. Among them, nabeez takes the spotlight for its simplicity, elegant taste, and adaptability which allows it to have many different flavors depending upon its constituents.

Nabeez drink still retains its fame in Arabia owing to its everlasting taste and refreshing nature. It is made from fruit soaked overnight in water which seeps its extracts in the water, lending its flavors to it. The drink is an excellent counter for the hot, dry days which sap moisture from the body.

Nabeez drink will ferment if left for some time, consequently rendering it unfit for consumption. Regarding the matter of fermentation, Hazrat Ibn Abbas (RA) reported that Nabidh was prepared from raisins for The Holy Prophet (SAW) in the waterskin and he would drink it on that day and on the next day and the day following and when it was the evening of the third day, and he would drink it and give it to (his Companions) and if something was left over, he threw that away (Sahih Muslim Book 23 Hadith 4974).

About Nabeez

Nabeez drink was frequently consumed by The Holy Prophet (SAW), who enjoyed its flavorful drink and soaked softened fruit. It becomes much easier for digestion as the water contains some of the vitamins, minerals fruit extract and the fruit becomes soft with the water. It is typically made with raisins (dried grapes) or dates, though they should not be mixed together. This drastically accelerates the fermentation process that results in alcohol in the nabeez drink. Furthermore, the combination of the two fruits can lead to food poisoning.

Nabeez refreshes the entire digestive system with its alkaline properties. It counters stomach acidity and flushes the body of toxins and other metabolic wastes which can accumulate over time. Patients suffering from gout and other stomach issues can benefit from it as it is medically recommended for them. It soothes the throat, providing relief from dry cough and congestion. The drink can be given to fever patients for lowering temperatures and providing essential vitamins and minerals from fruits. It is also easy to digest, allowing the body to assimilate its content quickly.

Nabeez is an excellent remedy for heatstroke as it supplies the body with ample sugars, vitamins, minerals, and water to restore natural reserves. The cool nature of the drink itself normalizes high temperatures and soothes the body, which promotes healing. The recipe is can be easily modified to suit different palates by choosing a fruit of your choice. However, the fruit should be porous in nature and leech its extracts in the water when left overnight otherwise nabeez drink cannot be made from it.

The Ingredients

Following is the list of ingredients needed for preparing nabeez drink. All of them include organic ingredients, hence there are numerous nabeez drink benefits:

No. Ingredients Quantity State
  Main Ingredients
01 Dates 100 grams Washed, pitted
02 Raisins 100 grams Washed, pitted
03 Pomegranate 100 grams Cleaned, separated
04 Honey 1 teaspoon Raw or processed
05 Water 1 liter Cold

Preparation of Nabeez

Following is the nabeez recipe for making it. It is surprisingly simple to prepare and refreshing to taste. Locally available ingredients can be used to make the drink. Above all, nabeez recipe can be mixed and blended with other fruits to make different smoothies of varying flavors.

1. Take a glass jug and fill it with 1-liter water.

2. Add the fruit of your choice (raisins, dates, pomegranates, etc.) and honey to the water.

3. Refrigerate the drink overnight.

4. Blend it after 12 hours using a blender (optional).

5. Serve chilled and consume.


  • Do not let the drink sit for more than 12 hours because it starts to ferment after that time. This produces alcohol which is haram and destroys nabeez drink benefits. Refrigeration can keep nabeez from spoiling for 2-3 days.
  • Nabeez drink benefits include beating heatstroke.
  • Adding raw honey sourced from different flowers to nabeez recipe adds unique aftertaste for each drink. Similarly, a different combination of fruits will result in different flavors.
  • Keep the drink cool and refrigerated during preparation.
  • Do not mix dates and raisins in a single drink as this can rapidly speed up the formation of alcoholic content within the beverage. On the matter of mixing dates and raisins, Hazrat Abu Qatada (RA) quoted his father mentioning The Holy Prophet (SAW) saying “Do not prepare nabeez by mixing nearly ripe dates and fresh dates together and do not prepare nabeez by mixing grapes and dates together but prepare nabeez for each (one of them) separately”(Sahih Muslim, Book 23, Hadith 4904).
  • Nabeez recipe should not be prepared in a varnished jar, a pitcher with insides covered with pitch, a gourd or hollow stump. When some people asked what to do with grapes, The Holy Prophet (SAW) told them to make raisins from them. When asked further, The Holy Prophet (SAW) said “Steep them in the morning and drink in the evening and steep them in the evening and drink in the morning. Steep them in skin vessels and do not steep them in an earthen jar, for it is delayed in pressing, it becomes vinegar” (Sunan Abu Dawood ~ Book of drinks – Narrated Ad-Daylami).