Constipation – Home Remedies & Treatment

Before any tablets, syrups or gels were invented and introduced, constipation was a common ailment that many suffered. Although traditional home remedies for constipation were popularly used for curing it, most of them involved side effects without any promising results. After the advent of Holy Prophet S.A.W, the Muslim ummah was bestowed with the divine knowledge of treating constipation with the most effective, safe and organic methods.


When the bowel movements are toughened or hard to pass, the person is said to be constipated. This leads to several complications within the body including painful defecation. If the condition remains untreated, obstipation can also occur where the stool and gas becomes impossible to pass, causing cardiac arrest.

Prophetic Treatment

On several instances, Holy Prophet has emphasized on the use of Senna and Sanoot for treating constipation. Due to the laxative properties of the two substances, they are used to soften the stool and assist in bowel movement of the intestines. According to the narration of Ibn Majah, Adudllah bin Umm Haram heard Holy Prophet describe the how Senna and Sanoot can help in curing constipation and almost every disease except death.