Hijama (Wet Cupping Therapy)

The precedence of Hijama (wet cupping therapy) in Islam and amongst Muslims is no secret. Holy Prophet himself did Hijama and recommended its use on the entire Muslim Ummah. Its significant is evident from the night of lsraa during the journey of Holy Prophet S.A.W from Makkah to Jerusalem. Holy Prophet S.A.W said that during the journey, every company of Angels that that I passed by would say,


“O Muhammad! Order your Ummah (nation) to use Hijamah “.


Hijama is a medical therapy of applying cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction and draw out the stagnant blood from different parts of your body. The procedure is done by a certified Hijama practitioner with sufficient experience. People get Hijama (wet cupping therapy) for many purposes, including pain relief, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, etc



Hijama Origin

Hijama is the ancient therapeutic cure of the body and mind dating back as old as 3000 BC. Among the oldest texts found in 1550 BC, it was used amongst Egyptian practitioners and the Saharan people to cure internal sicknesses and attain purity. Among the known origins in Greece, Hippocrates, the Father of Greek Medicine used cupping to treat body sicknesses and internal structural problems. While in China, cupping was used by the renowned Taoist alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong (281–341 A.D.) to cure different ailments of the body.



Islamic Indoctrination of Hijama

In Islam, Hijama, or wet cupping therapy is done through medicinal bleeding from the epithelium tissue with certain medical suction apparatus comprising of various forms of cupping tools of different materials. The cups are applied to the skin to draw out blood that is congested and stagnant. The cupping apparatus is normally made out of glass, but historical accounts show that animal horns were also used for this procedure. Other materials include bone, bamboo, metal and even polished ceramics.

Holy Prophet S.A.W used Hijama not just to detoxify blood from harmful agents, but also to remain safe from unnatural malices that affect the mind and soul. Through the blessed teachings and wisdom of Holy Prophet, the Muslims were able to heal themselves from physiological and psychological illnesses and injuries.

This method gained Holy Importance in Islam after it was practiced and recommended by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Hijama spread across borders through Muslim physicians in Asian, Chinese and European civilizations. This was followed by generations of practice and development which crystallized into what we know as Wet Cupping or Hijama.