The Astounding Health Benefits of Simple Chicory Herb

The Astounding Health Benefits of Simple Chicory Herb


The Astounding Health Benefits of Simple Chicory Herb

0 chicoryChicory herb belongs to the Asteraceae family which includes sunflowers and daisies. The botanical family is also closely related to lettuce and dandelions. The entire plant from root to stem and leaves is edible. While the fully mature outer leaves are bitter, the inner maturing leaves are somewhat milder in taste.

While it may look like a weed at first sight, chicory is a surprisingly versatile herb used for its numerous benefits. It is recommended under tibenabvi for its health benefits and modern science has further proven its effectiveness. As narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas (RA), The Holy Prophet (SAW) said “For you chicory is present, because no part of day passes without showering the drops of Heaven’s water on it” (Abu Nu-aim: volume no. 3; page no 435).

  • Reference in Hadith: الهند باء.
  • Reference in Quran:
  • Arabic Name: الهند باء.
  • English Name: Cichorium Intybus.
  • Urdu Name: کسنی (Kasni).

Quranic References of Chicory

The Holy Quran does not contain mentions of chicory.

What is Chicory?

what is chicoryChicory is also called coffeeweed, since the ground roots are used as caffeine-free substitute for coffee. It was brought to the Americas and adapted so well to the environment that it now grows freely. The plant has ancient origins, with the Egyptians growing it for medicinal purposes, human consumption and animal fodder.

The herbal plant has a tuberous root which is a rich source for medicinal compounds such as flavonoids, inulin, coumarins and vitamins. The root has numerous applications, ranging from being used in liver tonics and anti-inflammatory medicines to as an appetizer and coffee substitute. Their crunchy, mildly bitter leaves are an excellent addition to any salad. Abu Naim includes the proper way to chicory, dictating that it should not be shaken as no day passed witout showering Heaven’s water on it (Abu Nu-aim: 3659). Abu Nu-aim also mentions that one who goes to sleep after eating chicory will protected against poison and evil spirits (Abu Nu-aim: Volume 2, page no. 5).

The leaves can be processed into a potent poultice which is especially effective in treating eczema. The plant is also processed to develop artificial sweeteners that have zero side effects. It contains sweetening compounds with zero caloric value, which enables developing sweeteners that can be used by even diabetic patients.

Nutritional Information

Following is the nutritional information of chicory per 100 grams:

No. Nutrients Unit Value per 100 g
01 Water grams 80
02 Energy Kcal 72
03 Protein grams 1.4
04 Total lipid grams 0.2
05 Carbohydrates grams 17.51
06 Sugars grams 8.73
07 Fiber grams 1.5
08 Calcium milligrams 1.5
09 Iron milligrams 0.8
10 Magnesium milligrams 22
11 Phosphorus milligrams 61
12 Sodium milligrams 50
13 Potassium milligrams 290
14 Zinc milligrams 0.33
15 Vitamin C milligrams 5
16 Thiamin milligrams 0.04
17 Riboflavin milligrams 0.04
18 Niacin milligrams 0.4
19 Folate µg 23
20 Vitamin B-6 milligrams 0.24
21 Vitamin B-12 milligrams 0
22 Vitamin A µg 6

Chicory Benefits According to TibeNabvi

Chicory herb has great significance in medicinal as well as culinary fields. Following are the chicory benefits which the tibenabvi herb provides:

1. Relaxes the Mind

chicory health benefitsChicory relaxes the mind with its sedative effect, which in turn relieves stress and induces a relaxed mental state. As a coffee alternative, it has the opposite effect of caffeine but tastes almost the same. As a natural compound, it is completely free of side effects and is safe for usage. Moreover, the beverage has a nice aroma and taste, making it much more favorable than medicines.

2. Significantly Reduces Chances of Cancer

rdmag.comChicory significantly reduces the chances of cancer development and tumorous growths. It contains fructans and other cancer fighting antioxidants which greatly reduce chances of developing cancer. Specifically, the phytochemicals and polyphenols in chicory are excellent for preventing colorectal and breast cancer.

3. Keeps the Immune System Primed

signsofthelastdays.orgChicory contains flavonoids, antioxidants and numerous other compounds that contribute towards a healthy immune system. Its prebiotic properties prevent bad bacteria from propagating in the digestive tract. The phytochemicals neutralize free radicals from the blood, thus significantly reducing chances of cancer. The rich dosage of vitamins and minerals provides the immune system with ample micronutrients to function effectively.

4. Treats Arthritis

rheumatoidarthritisChicory has anti-inflammatory properties which are especially useful for treating patients suffering from arthritis pain. Adding chicory to diet also provides relief from muscle spasms, joint pain and sore muscles.


5. Used for Treatment of Eczema

madermatology.comCaffeine from coffee provides a much needed boost of wakefulness in times of drowsiness. However, it causes the adrenal glands to overwork, which slows down healing of eczema. Chicory works as an excellent coffee substitute that has almost the same flavor minus the caffeine. Moreover, steeping 2 teaspoons of ground chicory root in a glass of hot water for 30 minutes provides an excellent tonic for topical application. Applying it morning and night gives much needed relief from eczema.

6. Promotes Good Digestion

awesomecares.comChicory is high in dietary fiber and inulin, which is a strong prebiotic. It promotes the action of healthy gut bacteria and increases calcium absorption. Moreover, the bacteria counters harmful bacteria entering the gut and hence protects against complications such as reflux disease, indigestion and acidity.

7. Used for Treatment of Constipation

doctorshealthpress.comChicory contains inulin which is dietary fiber and prebiotic in nature. It does not have any caloric value but is critical for healthy digestion. It maintains the peristalsis movement, which in turn relieves constipation by restarting the movement of food throughout the digestive tract.

8. Keeps Kidneys in Order

ofwpinoystar.comChicory root extract is a potent tonic for kidney, owing to its diuretic nature. It induces urine and hence flushes the body of toxins, which detoxifies it. The kidneys are as a result completely flushed.


9. Assists in Healthy Weight Loss

blog.bulletproof.comChicory contains oligofructose and inulin dietary fiber that does not contribute towards calories but keeps is critical for weight loss. They maintain stable ghrelin levels, which is responsible for inducing hunger. Moreover, the dietary fiber keeps stomach fuller for a longer while and the prebiotics enable better nutrient absorption.

10. Improved Cardiovascular Health

irishtimes.comChicory has almost zero fat content and works towards reducing LDL cholesterol count in the body, which is responsible for atherosclerosis. The blockage in veins causes high blood pressure and becomes causative issue for many other complications. Chicory is rich in plant phenols which have anti-arrhythmic agents and anti-thrombotic effects. They also have antioxidant properties that stabilizes blood plasma level and RBC count.


Mirza Mussawer Mirza Mussawer is a software engineer and blogging enthusiast with special interest in Tib-e-Nabvi. Islam has an embellished history in medical sciences with its core belief in healing of both spirit and body. By following Tib-e-Nabvi, one can follow the ways of The Holy Prophet (SAW) and achieve complete healing and restoration without any side effects.