Conjunctivitis – Pink Eye Home Remedies & Treatment

Conjunctivitis, or also known as ‘Pink Eye’ is a disease of the eye that affects the Conjunctiva region of the eye. It causes severe inflammation in the conjunctiva which is a thin and transparent tissue that remains over the white region of the eye. Although there are a number of reasons that can cause Conjunctivitis, the disease mostly results from viruses, bacteria, irritants and allergic triggers such as pollen, dust, specific substances and chemicals. The disease can be transferred through contact from one person to another and can cause vision threatening conditions if not met with care and treatment.


“Do not hate conjunctivitis, because it prevents blindness” Mohammad SAW


Symptoms of Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

The symptoms include redness/pinkness in the white region of the eye, while eye fluids and tears are increasingly produced. There is also a thick yellow fluid discharged that hardens over the eyelashes when the person goes to sleep or shuts his eyes for prolonged period of time. This is accompanied by green and white excretion as well. The visual performance is affected leading to increased itching, burning, sensitivity to light and blurriness.



Prophetic Treatment of Conjunctivitis

The disease was quite prevalent during the time of Holy Prophet S.A.W and several traditions confirm its treatment.

In one Ahadith, Holy Prophet S.A.W said, “Do not hate conjunctivitis, because it prevents blindness”. Since the eye is one of the only exposed inner tissues of the body, foreign particles can easily make their way inside the bloodstream and affect the body’s functioning. Conjunctivitis is a signal from of body being affected by an infection which means it is fighting back and developing immunity against it. The process improves the immunity of the eye against diseases that cannot attack the body as effectively as before. Its Allah’s natural way to vaccine the body from harmful agents in the surrounding environment.