Common Cold Treatment with Tibenabvi

Common Cold Treatment with Tibenabvi


Common Cold Treatment with Tibenabvi


common cold treatmentThe common cold is a viral infection which causes medical complications for the ears, nose and throat (ENT). The main symptoms include fever, blocked sinuses, wet and dry coughing, sneezing and congested nose. While the viral infection itself is not dangerous, it weakens the immune system, thus becoming a causative agent for onset of other dangerous diseases, such as pneumonia. It continues to ail the patient for a week on average, though the symptoms may prevail for 2-3 weeks afterwards. Common cold treatment is necessary to ensure the patients becomes healthy once more instead of regressing to worse state of health.

Methods of Treating Common Cold with Tibenabvi

cold treatment methodsThe common cold is caused by virus which are particularly resistant to medication. The viral onset of the disease targets the upper respiratory tract. They also continually evolve to increase their resistance, thus preventing a single medicine from counteracting them. However, the virus is not dangerous and the body returns to a healthy state after some time. You can speed your recovery and keep optimum health with the help of tibenabvi for common cold treatment.

Common Cold Treatment with Miswak

common cold prevention with miswakMiswak is an integral component of common cold treatment. The benefits of miswak incorporate medicinal properties which have been used since ancient times. It cleans the teeth and kills the bacteria which accumulate in the mouth and cause damage to teeth. They should be effectively cleaned since their metabolic byproducts cause diseases. As narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas (RA), The Holy Prophet (SAW) listed ten benefits of miswak which are as follows:

  • Combats foul odor in the mouth,
  • Enhances the strength of gums and prevents them from bleeding,
  • Enhances eyesight,
  • Removes phlegm,
  • Reduces gum inflammation,
  • It is a Sunnah of The Holy Prophet (SAW),
  • The Angels favor the person who uses miswak,
  • Allah favors the person who uses miswak and,
  • It cleanses the digestive tract (Kanz al-Ummal: 26185).

Miswak is not abrasive; it removes plaque but does not damage the enamel on top of teeth. It is particularly effective in eliminating bacteria which infests mouth. This bacteria feeds off the leftovers in mouth, thus causing decay and bad breath. Miswak completely cleanses the mouth and removes the bacteria from it. Learn more about the benefits of miswak here.

Cold Treatment with Marjoram

cold treatment with marjoramMarjoram is a medicinal herb with cold potency/ taseer which is prescribed under tibenabvi for common cold treatment. The perennial herb has a somewhat citrus flavor infused with pine and makes a delicious herbal tea. Its flowers, leaves and derivative oil has numerous medicinal applications. Such is its power that it is also an ingredient in soaps, lotions and various other cosmetics. It boosts the immune system, consequently increasing its capabilities for fighting off common cold virus.

Marjoram essential oil concentrates its medicinal qualities, hence is very effective in treating various diseases. Just 2 drops daily along with asthma medication for 3 months provides significant relief from the symptoms. The oil is prescribed to patients suffering from gastrointestinal complications, gall bladder stones and even nerve related issues.

The medicinal properties of marjoram were identified and prescribed by The Holy Prophet for the followers of Islam. Hazrat Anas (RA) narrates that The Holy Prophet (SAW) said “For you MARJORAM  is present, this is very beneficial in cold & cough it can be smelled (its steam)” (Kanz al-Ummal: 17345 & Abu Nu-aim: 286).

Common Cold Treatment with Raisins

common cold treatment with raisinsRaisins are dried grapes which make for excellent snacks as well as super food for common cold treatment. They have a long shelf life and can be stored in various conditions, as long as they are kept safe from humidity. They are especially effective in eliminating congealed phlegm in the throat. Hazrat Tamim Al-Daari (RA) narrates once he gifted some raisins to The Holy Prophet (SAW), who took them in his blessed hands and said eat this, it is a healthy meal, removes tiredness, cools the anger, gives strength, makes food sweet smelling, reduces phlegm, brightens the face (Abu Nu-aim: 371).

The sticky sweet consistency of raisins soothes the larynx and hence protects it from irritation. Grape juice (200 ml) and honey (1 teaspoon) are excellent for providing relief from coughing caused by irritation. To use as cough remedy, grind 100 grams raisins with equal parts sugar. Mix enough water to make a paste and heat over low flame until it bubbles. Reduce to a sauce and cool. The patients should take 2 tablespoons of the thick syrup before sleeping.

Their effectiveness against common cold can also be verified by Hazrat Ali (RA), who narrates The Holy Prophet (SAW) saying for your beneficial there are raisins, these improves the complexion, reduces phlegm, strengthens the organs, removes tiredness, improves mood, increases good smell in breath & removes sorrow (Abu Nu-aim: 319).


Mirza Mussawer Mirza Mussawer is a software engineer and blogging enthusiast with special interest in Tib-e-Nabvi. Islam has an embellished history in medical sciences with its core belief in healing of both spirit and body. By following Tib-e-Nabvi, one can follow the ways of The Holy Prophet (SAW) and achieve complete healing and restoration without any side effects.