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Hays – Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Mirza Mussawer
Hays is a simple dish of Arab cuisine. It is served as a treat to family, friends and guests alike. It combines dates and akita seed to bring instant energy while satisfying the craving for sweets. The sweet dish is often prepared during times of celebration and joy. About Hays It was a difficult task to […]

Rashta – A Hearty Dish of Lamb and Lentils

Mirza Mussawer
Highly enjoyed by the people or Arabia, rashta is a homely dish that is filling for the stomach.  It takes time to digest but is easy on the stomach as it contains balanced nutrition from completely organic sources. People from all walks of life and age can enjoy the hearty dish. With this recipe, you […]

Tirit – A Personal Favorite of The Holy Prophet (SAW)

Mirza Mussawer
The Holy Prophet (SAW) ate food which was simple, nutritious and promoted good eating habits within followers of Islam. The food was comprised of ingredients which naturally balanced the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for a healthy human. The recipes enjoyed by The Holy Prophet (SAW) have found a special place in tibenabvi owing to their […]

How to Make Talbina Recipe and its Benefits as Prophetic Medicine

Asad Ali
When starting with the day’s meal, it is important that your diet has everything necessary for a healthy brain and body function. Technology has brought us many benefits, however, the use of sugary cereals and fat-rich spreads are not only unhealthy for the person but also addictive if used on a regular basis. These packed […]

Sharbat-e-Dinar – An Ancient Yunani Formulation