Hijama and Blood Donation – How are they Different

Hijama & Blood Donation

Although both methods involve the extraction of blood, there is a fine line drawn between blood donation and Hijama. Many bloodletting methods were practiced in the ancient times which focused on taking bad blood out from the body. In order to set a disparity between the two, there are some facts that will help you set aside blood donation and Hijama for good.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation

Blood Donation is the process of extracting blood so it can be used for a similar blood type receiver. This involves puncturing the skin through a needle that connects it with a major artery which allows the blood to leave the body through the needle and into the apparatus. This does not involve any suction since the blood flows with the gradient. The blood is then given to the person in need.

Islamic Relevance

Blood donation however, was not possible during the time of Holy prophet due to the absence of proper medical apparatus and blood storing methods and equipment. Therefore, it was not practiced.

Therapeutic Benefits

Blood donation also unconsciously causes some medical benefits to the body by maintaining the iron stores in the body at optimum levels. This prevents the risk of cancer and other iron deficiency disorders. It also prevents iron overload in the body which reducing chances of heart and liver diseases.



Hijama on the other hand is a therapeutic process of cupping blood from the body with medicated apparatus to cure the body from pain, diseases and unnatural illnesses. The blood taken out is stagnant, discolored and disposed after extraction. Hijama can be performed on any part of the body while blood donation can be done only on specific parts of the body.

Islamic Relevance

Hijama is a dedicated method and Sunnah of Holy Prophet S.A.W only focused on restoring the health of the body and mind. It only causes positive effects and does not involve blood extraction from one incision.

Therapeutic Benefits

Hijama is used for treating pain, inflammation, restoring blood flow, curing diseases, repelling and defeating black magic, relaxation and well-being. It also works as a deep-tissue massage for for the muscles.

Hijama and blood donation are two things with different applications, but share the same mode of extraction. Hijama has healing and therapeutic properties while blood donation is aimed to help others receive blood, but does give involuntary benefits to the body as well.

Hijama – A Treatment for Poison

It was narrated by Abdul Razzaq that holy prophet treated himself with Hijama when the Jewish woman poisoned a sheep and presented it to the Holy Prophet. Holy Prophet along with his companions ate the sheep until Allah informed him about the evil intent of the Jewish woman. After discovering the sheep was poisoned, Holy Prophet used Hijama thrice on the upper part of his back (Kahil Area). Abu Hind, a servant for Bani Bayadhah used a sharp blade to make incision for cupping.

Poisons are toxins that attack the body’s tissues by damaging them. Although modern medicine has allowed many poisonous substances to be cured with anti-dotes which neutralize their affects, many poisons are still unknown while others cannot be cured. Other methods are also practiced to remove or reduce the toxins from the body which involve herbs, blood letting and burning of the body. The best method to cure poisons from the body is Hijama.

How Can Poison Be Extracted

Hijmama produces an outward pressure that extracts blood and its constituents from the skin. This allows the organs beneath it to leach out the unwanted, stagnant and harmful chemicals within the blood. Hijama detoxifies the blood, relieves pressure from body points and counters illnesses causing dysfunction in the body. Wet cupping is the ideal practice that focuses on the internal as well as the structural problems in the body. It also nullifies physiological and psychological trauma caused by external influences such as black magic. However, it is extremely effective for treating poison and purifying the region from pathogens, foreign substances and poisonous brews.

Treating Poison From the Back (Kahil)

When Holy Prophet used cupping, he did it in the upper part of the back, which is directly connected to the head & heart, and so the poison was extracted with the blood directly. This allowed Holy Prophet to shun the fatal effects of the poison and remain safe. It is quoted that the poison the Jewish woman used was so potent that some of its effects remained within the body of Holy Prophet S.A.W even till his death.

Hijama – Cure for Black Magic

Hijama Cure from black magic

Hijama is not only the treatment of the body, but also the mind and the soul. Holy prophet has mentioned and prescribed its use in breaking evil intents and black magic on several occasion. He used Hijama on himself as well when black magic was cast on him to extinguish evil forces and remove bond.

Hijama on Regions of the Body

It was the Sunnah of Holy Prophet S.A.W of using Hijamah to crush the spells of Sehr (Magic), Jinn, Evil Eye Muss-ul-Shaitaan on different parts of the body. When the malice is extinguished, the body’s condition changes and withdrawal symptoms appear such as heavy sweating, vomiting, thirst, discoloration  of lips and bad breath etc.

Material Afflictions of Black Magic

Similarly, using of septic substances is also considered black magic. On one occasion Ibn Al Qayyam when he wrote:

“Body experiences the ailments that are caused by septic substances, especially when blood, black bile or semen is irritated. Evil forces take control of the body when it experiences such emotions and ailments”.

To protect oneself from all such evils that come in contact unconsciously through malevolent intents, Hijma is safe taught by or Holy Prophet S.A.W to protect us from the ulterior designs of evil beings.

When such evil practices are cast upon someone, there are but two methods taught by Holy Prophet to withdraw the effects. The first method is finding the instruments of Magic and discarding them properly. The second method that Holy Prophet did was use Hijama to cure the area affected by Sehr.

Black magic is produced from material afflictions that are cast upon the person to cause harm. These instruments abuse nature and produce adverse effects on the senses of the body.

Curing Black Magic on Yafookh (Centre of the Head) Region

Abu Ubaid narrates on the authority of Abdul Rahman Bin Abi Layla that when Holy Prophet was targeted with black magic, he did Hijama on his head to extract its evil essence.

A sorcerer had cast a spell by using a comb, hair male spathe and placed it in a well so it remains hidden while causing its harmful effects. Due to this, Holy Prophet S.A.W was imagining he had slept with his wives where he had not in reality. To combat the spell holy prophet used Hijama on his head since the brain was being affected. After Hijama he was relieved from the doubt and that is when Allah revealed to him the location of the instruments of black magic where he went and diffused them.

In a hadith reported by Abdullah Bin Bujainah that Holy Prophet S.A.W took Hijamah on the center of his head (Yafookh) and he was in Ehraam during his journey to Makkah.

Hijama on Kahil (Area Between the Back of the Shoulders)

Kahil is the upper back region of the body that lies between the back of the shoulders. Many evil spells and crafts affect the ability of the body to stand and perform locomotion. By cupping the Kahil the person can extinguish black magic and remain safe from evil intents.

Ibn Majah narrates on the authority of Ali Radi Allaho Anh that Angel Jibareel advised Prophet Muhammad S.A.W for Hijamah at Akhda’ain (posterior jugulars) and KAHIL. The above 2 are the main Hijama points for black magic.

Hijama on Qamaduwah (Above Nape Cavity)

The Qamaduwah is a region on the neck located above the nape cavity. It exposes the jugular and is extremely important to the circulation of blood to the head, and transmission of messages to the limbs from the brain. Any black magic that is targeted on the functioning of the limbs is directly connected with this region and Hijama must be performed on it immediately.

It was narrated by Tabraani that Holy Prophet recommended Hijama on this region, “Use Hijamah on the Qamahduwah, for it cures seventy-two kinds of ailments”.

Another account by Abu Kabshah Al Anmari which is narrated by Abu Dawood & Ibn-e-Majah states that Holy Prophet S.A.w took Hijamah on Haamah & between the shoulders.

Hijama On the Hip to Cure Weakness

Debility or lethargies are associated with malnutrition and structural problem while bodily weakness and the inability to perform basic tasks is also a sign of black magic. In this case Hijama is performed on the lower back near the hip to open the blocked nerves that hinder the signals from the brain to the rest of the body. It stimulates consistent blood flow and brushes off the effects of Sehr (Dark Magic)

An accounted presented by Jabir and narrated by Abu Dawood states that Holy Prophet S.A.W used Hijamah on his hip because of a debilitation he suffered from.

Hijama On the Feet

Using Hijama is not just limited to the upper body, but it is also beneficial when used on the lower body parts, especially the feet. Feet are the most used part of part of the body and contain major arteries that travel back to the heart. If the feet are affected the person cannot stand, run of even pray properly. Hence, taking care of them is imperative. Diseases such arthritis, swelling of the leg, sprains and other forms of injuries can be cured with Hijama on the top of the foot. Since the blood travels fast and strong through the feet due to the effect of gravity, the capillaries and blood vessels are able to quickly submit stagnant blood. This also leaches out muscular and skeletal impurities that are causing diseases and other complications.

It was reported by Hadhrat Anas and narrated by Abu Dawood that Holy Prophet S.A.W took Hijamah on the top of his foot due to treat pain on the foot region.