Black Seed Cure for Asthma and its Evidence

Black Seed Cure for Asthma and its Evidence


Black Seed Cure for Asthma and its Evidence


Asthma is a Greek word which means opening the mouth and breathing heavily. The term was first coined by the famous Greek physician Hippocrates. The disease brings on fits of coughing, uncontrolled breathing, feeling of the chest being constricted, shortness of breath and general bronchial issues. It is characterized by chronic inflammation of the airways which makes breathing hard. This makes physical activities quite problematic for the patients, as exertion brings on asthma attacks. However, there are ways to treat the condition and even cure it in milder cases. These include but are not limited to, better diet, medicine, exercising and black seed cure for asthma.

The Triggers for Asthma Attacks

Following are the major triggers for asthma attacks:

  • Being exposed to irritant particulates such as pollen, dust and mold.
  • Being allergic and exposure to the allergens, such as pollen, dust and mold.
  • Exercising strenuously in cold weather.
  • Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs) and related issues which affect the airways.
  • Emotional stress.

Types of Asthma Attack

Following are the major types of an asthma attack.

  • Allergic Asthma: A fit of allergic reaction in an asthmatic patient often points towards an incoming asthmatic attack since the respiratory system is weak and will react to such stress.
  • Intense and Uncontrolled Coughing Asthma: This indicates that the airways are starting to be affected by particulates.
  • Occupational Asthma: Caused by patient working in an environment which contributes towards asthma e.g. a furnace, chemical factory, coal mine, etc.
  • Childhood Asthma: A condition inherited by the child from birth. May turn out to chronic or heal on its own as the child ages .

Unani Formulations and Black Seed Cure for Asthma

Unani concept states that the majority of patients develop asthma because of phlegm. This sticks to the bronchial airways and causes complications in the respiratory tract. It limits oxygen absorption, irritates the mucosal layering and forces the subject to breath heavily. However, the black seed cure for asthma has been around for some time and many people have found it to be effective. Moreover, it has scientific evidence to prove its claims.

Black Seed Oil

Black seed cure for asthma has prompted numerous people to start searching in it. The nigella sativa is commonly found in Pakistan, Turkey, Southern Europe and Saudi Arabia. It is commonly known as black seed, kalonji, black caraway, or black cumin internationally and is readily available in every shop. Black seed oil is specially available at chemists owing to its medicinal properties. It reduces blood pressure, facilitates liver function, improves digestion and gut health, treats diarrhea and improves respiratory system health. It is also loaded with anti-oxidants which fight free radicals for reducing natural cellular aging and chances of cancer. The Holy Prophet (SAW) also praised black seed, saying: “Use this Black Seed regularly, because it is a cure for every disease, except death” (Bukhari & Muslim).

Research on Animals for Verifying Black Seed Cure for Asthma

Black seed oil has strong antispasmodic properties which inhibits the spasms muscles and tissues produce. This greatly facilitates in controlling the fits of coughing which worsen asthma patient’s condition. Tests were conducted on guinea pigs and rats to verify these claims. They were concluded with the knowledge that the subjects had improved respiratory health.

Human Tests For Black Seed Cure for Asthma

Human patients have yielded similar results to animals, though they are much better in comparison. A test group of 29 adults were selected from whom 15 were given black seed oil and the others received placebo for 3 months. Black seed oil group resulted in reduced asthmatic attacks, improved pulmonary function and overall better respiratory health (Tavakkoli et al., 2017).


Mirza Mussawer Mirza Mussawer is a software engineer and blogging enthusiast with special interest in Tib-e-Nabvi. Islam has an embellished history in medical sciences with its core belief in healing of both spirit and body. By following Tib-e-Nabvi, one can follow the ways of The Holy Prophet (SAW) and achieve complete healing and restoration without any side effects.