The Health Benefits of Zamzam Water

Zamzam water has long been classified as being the most healthy and purest form of water on earth. Islamic history narrates how Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) left his son Hazrat Ishmael (AS) and his wife Hazrat Hajar (RA) in the desert. Desperate to quench his crying son’s thirst, she ran 7 times around the hills of Safa and Marwah but did not find water. However, Hazrat Ishmael’s (RA) heels grinding against the ground produced a spring of water. This is the font of Zamzam.

Benefits of Zamzam

This water is now internationally renowned and considered holy by the Muslim believers. Moreover, medical science has confirmed Zamzam’s numerous benefits, some of which are listed below:

1. Zamzam is Free from Impurities

The water from the holy spring is free of natural impurities that can be found in minute traces in even freshwater springs. It has an impressive bicarbonate ratio which is beneficial for the human body. The source itself is free of any impurities, so the water is safe for drinking as well.

2. High Concentrations of Minerals

The water contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium elements. These help in alleviating fatigue and contribute towards healthy metabolism. Moreover, they make strong bones. Combined with high fluoride levels, the water becomes a strong factor for promoting rapid healing.

3. Zamzam Optimizes Cellular Metabolism

The effects of the water on cellular metabolism have long been studied. Dr. Knut Pfeiffer at a research center in Germany has studied the effects in detail and confirmed that the water increased cellular energy levels. It strengthens immunity and promotes healthy cellular metabolism, which in turn keeps the energy at optimum levels.

4. Zamzam is Excellent for Strong Bones

High mineral content in pure, unadulterated water makes it simply perfect for strong and healthy bones. It provides the essential minerals needed for strong bones by the human body.

5. Zamzam is Free from Microbial Germs and Bacteria

It inhibits the formation of unhealthy germs and bacteria. Consequently, it is always safe for drinking. This fact has been found to be true by research under Dr. Yahya Koshak and numerous UV tests. The effect can be attributed to the high concentration of fluoride in it.

Zamzam – Pure and Simple

Zamzam has been consumed by humans since ancient times and has been attributed to good health. These facts have been proven through modern science and research. Muslims should avail from the holy water for remaining clean spiritually, mentally and physically.