Benefits of Miswak Stick – Truly Safe and Effective Natural Toothbrush

Benefits of Miswak Stick – Truly Safe and Effective Natural Toothbrush


Benefits of Miswak Stick – Truly Safe and Effective Natural Toothbrush


Miswak stick is a twig used for mouth and teeth cleaning. The uses of miswak was first introduced by Egyptian and Romans thousands of years ago. Ever since its origin 7000 years ago, Miswak toothpage and stick is still used today for its amazing benefits. The Miswak stick is extracted from various trees, except for some that are poisonous or harmful for example, pomegranate and myrtle tree.

Islamic Perspective of Miswak

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. was very fond of using Miswak. The usage of Miswak as a way of cleaning and purifying the mouth and is very pleasing to Allah. The use of Miswak is a great Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Moreover, Miswak was used by all Messengers of Allah, even before Holy Prophet S.A.W.

There are various Hadiths that refer to the uses of Miswak,

Bukhari narrated that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said,

 “Siwaak cleanses the mouth and pleasures the LORD (Allah)”

There are several Hadith that refer to the use of Miswak. In the Sahihain, it is narrated that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said

“If it was not for the fact that my nation would not be able to bear it, I would have ordered them to use Siwaak before every prayer”.

Benefits of Using Miswak Stick

There are innumerable benefits of miswak. It is a complete dental and oral care package and it must be used by us before ablution, in the morning and before going to sleep. Following are the benefits you can get by using Miswak.

Miswak Stick Prevents Tooth Decay and Cavities

miswak benefits science

Tooth decay is caused when enamel of the tooth is destroyed. Our mouth contains bad bacteria which use the starch and sugar present in food particle to produce acid that tears off the enamel. Miswak has also been known to enhance the creation of saliva in the mouth without needing any commercial enhancers or additives.  Thus it naturally fights tooth decay.

There are many benefits of Miswak, it also helps strengthen teeth enamel due to the presence of the sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonates and calcium oxides present in Miswak, thereby promoting tooth whitening too.

Fights against Tartar and Plaque

uses of miswak to fight against tartar and plaque

The best way to avoid the buildup of plaque and tartar, and thereby prevents the gum diseases, and tooth loss if brushed regularly and in the right manner.

Miswak being the ‘toothbrush twig’ has the tremendous antibacterial properties that prevent the bacteria from accumulating on the gums and protects the teeth.

Removes Malodor

removes malodor with miswak

Bad breath that is medically known as halitosis is also an indicator of a multitude of progressive dental issues. A lack of the production and decrease of saliva can lead to malodor too.

Miswak’s comes with strong antibacterial activity along with its property of increasing saliva production in the mouth, are an effective remedy for bad breath. Additionally, since it is a naturally occurring substance, using the twig releases certain compounds that create a mild fragrance that is peculiar to Miswak.

Protects and Strengthens the Gums


Plaque buildup affects the gum health, just as it negatively affects the teeth. The development of plaque leading to tartar can also affect the gums and teeth in several different ways. Miswak comes here to the rescue by helping to prevent the formation of plaque, and resists the tartar accumulation. Miswak significantly decreases the chances of gingivitis keeping your gums healthy, and you happy and smiling.

Anticarcinogenic and Analgesic


Miswak is effective at fighting cancer that already exists in the body. It uses a preventive measure and researchers believe that it is an effective tool for fighting mouth and oral cancer. Additionally, the active ingredients present in Miswak have analgesic, or pain relieving, properties that help deal with inflammation and pain, especially in the gums.


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