Benefits of Eating Meat (Beef) according to Tib-e-Nabvi – The King of all Meals

Benefits of Eating Meat (Beef) according to Tib-e-Nabvi – The King of all Meals


Benefits of Eating Meat (Beef) according to Tib-e-Nabvi – The King of all Meals


For any who loves beef steaks and sausages, this is the dream come true time as Eid-Ul-Adha is just around the corner and we all are blessed to enjoy the delicious meat meals and thank Almighty Allah for his countless blessings and bounty upon us.

During prehistoric times, meat was consumed raw, but today it is usually eaten after it is cooked with delicate culinary techniques and skills. The consumption of meat has been increasing rapidly since the early 1900s that lead to commercialization of meat with the aid from slaughter house.

Meat is categorized into 3 different categories:

  • White meat
  • Red meat
  • Game meat

Islamic Perspective of Meat

There are some Hadith, although not very strong, that suggests Mohammad encouraged consuming meat at least once in a while.

“A few of the companions told Mohammad, that some butchers in the market (of the Islamic city) do not do slaughter. Mohammad took them directly to market, got some red meat without asking if it was Zambia or not, and consumed it with them.”

“He told companions and other people to have meat at least once every 40 days, and advised that not doing so will make them cranky”

And in Quran Allah says

“And we shall provide them with fruit and meat such as they desire.” (52:22)

There are a large number of beef benefits as it is called as the king of all meals. Each kind of meat has its specific benefits in particular, but we are here generalizing the benefits one can get from all kinds of meat.


1Supplies All Essential Nutrients

Beef Meat Benefits

Proteins are the most important part of diet and the protein you get from red meat (beef) contains all the amino acids that are necessary to build muscle and repair tissue. Protein has also been linked to weight loss, since it satisfies hunger and keeps you’re satisfied for hours following your meal. Another great benefit of adding lean red meat directly to your diet is that it supplies a healthy dose of zinc. You need zinc from foods because it helps build muscle mass, strengthens your immune system and helps promote a healthy brain.


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