10 Benefits of Henna (Mehndi) – The Magical Plant

Henna also known as Mehndi is a medical herbal plant. Many of the people simply consider Henna plant as a cosmetic tree which is used for mehndi designs, whereas; the benefits one can get from Henna plant and its crushed powder are so vast that it will leave you amazed.

Islamic Perspective of Henna

Henna is not mentioned anywhere in the Qur’an, but its use is referred to several times in the ḥadith. It would be not wrong to say that Henna was one of the most liked and used herb by Holy Prophet S.A.W. From Abu Rafi comes this saying, I was once in the house of the Prophet. He passed his hand over head and said,

 “Make use of Henna, master of all coloring preparations”.

On another occasion Holy Prophet S.A.W. referred Henna as a plant dearest to God, so by no surprise, there are a lot of benefits that one can get from his blessed plant.