9 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Hijama

9 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Hijama


9 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Hijama


The benefits of Hijama are numerous, but on a systematic level wet cupping enhances specific functions of the body and is more effective against some diseases than others. The main component of its effect is blood that supplies everything to the regions, while it also improves nervous system for locomotion. It counters pain and gives relief to inflamed and swollen areas of the body externally as well as internally. The immunity is enhanced with better flow of lymph and more production from the nodes.

Many gastrointestinal disorders can also be treated while the digestion process is restored with healthy peristalsis. When the digestion is restored, the body accepts more nutrition and the appetite of the person naturally improves. An optimum metabolic activity means better bile flow and lesser chances of constipation.

Wet Cupping also detoxifies blood and clears the skin from bad agents that cause pimples, blemishes and boils. Its aids in controlling the erratic aging of the body cells by killing the free radicals. As the blood flow is increased, the blood and plasma through the veins and arteries is also increased allowing the wounds to clot better and more responsively when a cut or laceration is inflicted.  Although this detoxification may not be observable just after a single treatment, but in a few one after the other the effect will be evident through the skin’s complexion and color.

1. Promoting Healthy Blood Circulation

Scientifically Proven

Hijama brings positive effects on the circulatory system by stimulating blood flow, strengthening veins and artery muscles and removing localized congested blood. A consistent blood flow is essential for for the body’ locomotion, neurological processes and digestion etc. if the blood does not flow on an optimum volume and pressure, the body will be left susceptible to many illnesses and diseases. Aside from restoring blood flow, Hijama benefits also includes elimination of inflammatory fluids from tissues to prevent swelling and protrusion.

2.  Organic Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases

It is scientifically documented and proven that many rheumatic diseases get relief almost immediately after going through a few sessions Hijama. Many diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago and other joint pains can be treated with promising results to the patient. Since Hijama facilitates healthy blood flow, the blood can carry more nutrients, oxygen, hormones, vitamins and essential enzymes to the affected areas unlike before. Hijama (Wet Cupping) benefits also includes the enhancement of muscle elasticity that helps joints sustain impacts and improve flexibility by increasing flow of synovial fluid back into them.

3.  Extinguishing Weakness within the Body

Body weaknesses can be a result of malnutrition as well as diseases. Many such diseases cannot be diagnosed even with the modern medical procedures. If these diseases are left uncared effects can escalate and spread within the entire body. Wet Cupping Therapy helps the body recuperate from lethargies by opening stiffened nerves and releasing blood to areas where it is needed the most. Obstructed vessels are opened without damaging the muscles compared to harsh therapies.

4.  Curing Common Fever

Hijama aka wet cupping therapy has been used to treat fever since the Chinese era of Ge Hong. It was firmly believed that bad blood causes fever so its extraction can cure it. Although modern science wasn’t present at that age to prove it, today medical breakthroughs have clearly shown Hijama can dispel pathogenic factors causing pain and homeostatic disturbance in the body.

5.  Effective Against Gastrointestinal Diseases

The three powerhouses of the body, stomach spleen and intestines generate a lot of heat. When any of them are affected, the body’s temperature spikes causing certain enzyme to denature and affect the body as whole.  Gastrointestinal problems such as constipation and intestinal ulcers are caused which can even prove fatal if left untreated. Hijama therapeutically facilitates the secretion of digestive fluids that help in the absorption of nourishment. This prevents bad agents from being absorbed in the blood stream while helping the person increase his/her appetite.

6.  Fighting Dermatologic Diseases

Skin disorders such as pimples, herpes, boils, abscess, acne and urticaria are all blood related. Therapies such as acupuncture are also used for their treatment since they employ similar mechanisms of releasing pressure from points and opening obstructed blood vessels. Hijama helps in production of lymph fluids which fight bacteria and other pathogens. It not only purifies the skin from foreign particles present in the blood, but also helps the body prepare its defenses for future infections. Aside from that, Hijama benefits also includes the improvement of skin respiration by allowing gaseous exchange to occur from the cells. A healthy metabolic activity within the skin cells and tissues accelerates the functions of both sweat and sebaceous glands helping the secretion of sebaceous material, salts and the excretion of uric acid. The purpose of Hijama is not just to expel the congested and stagnant blood, but also remove toxic substances from the surface of the skin.

7.  Strengthening Lymphatic System

Lymphatic fluid contains the lymphocytes which of the white blood cells designated in defending the body against germs. These antibodies engulf the foreign particles and break them down in large numbers. It is one of the integral systems distributed throughout the body and influenced by number of factors. Hijama opens the lymphatic nodes and enhances the lymph production throughout the body. Once the lymphatic system is abundantly producing cells, the body’s immune system is prepared to take on any foreign particles and fight them effectively. This prevents any bacteria, viruses, allergens and other forms of toxins and pathogens from attacking tissues and taking toll on the body’s functions.

8.  Aiding the Nervous System

Many disorders and diseases related to the nervous system are becoming common in today’s era. The climatic conditions and abundance of machines has lead to several psychological illnesses that cannot be diagnosed or treated. The nervous system is based on synapses that connect one neuron to the other so brain signals can be transmitted. They are responsible for the chemical transmission of the signal into electrical signal to the rest of the body. Hijama aids in this process by removing brain congestion that can result in hemiplegia. A healthy brain transmits signals better and more responsively to the limbs which improves muscle reflexes. Hijama is very effective against headaches, depression, emotional problems, ischemia and epilepsy.

9.  Preventing Liver Diseases

After Hijama extracts the stagnant and senile corpuscles along with the rest of the impurities in the blood, the volumetric blood flow is increased in the liver. This allows the liver to carry out its designated functions more productively such as metabolically transforming the cholesterol and triglycerides that are excessive in the blood, storing excessive sugar in the blood to reduce blood glucose, detoxifying the blood from toxins and keeping the body temperature at an optimum level. The hepatic enzymes also start functioning at their optimum performance allowing faster breakdown of molecules.





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