10 Tips to Maintain Your Body Health in Hajj and Umrah

10 Tips to Maintain Your Body Health in Hajj and Umrah


10 Tips to Maintain Your Body Health in Hajj and Umrah


Being a Muslim, there is no aspiration greater then to visit the Holiest sites, i.e. Makkah and Madina at least once in the lifetime. Every year, millions and millions of Muslims around the world wish to go on this truly inspiring and ecstatic journey, but only few are blessed to make it.

Maintaining physical and energy during Hajj and Umrah is very critical. This is because the weather conditions and mostly drastic and pilgrims sometime suffer from various health issues. This can cause discomfort in worship and the spirit of pilgrimage is hurt.

Our team at Tib-e-Nabvi has done some research on it. In this article, we are going to give 6 pro tips to keep you healthy and energized.

  1. The very first step is to take all the necessary vaccinations. If you have any chronic disease, make sure that you have the vaccinations along with yourself all the time.
  2. Bring along a detailed medical report in case of any pre-existing illness. It is good to see your personal physicians and ask for any medicine that you may require during your stay.
  3. Keep your personal hygiene equipment neat and clean like towels tooth brush toothpastes and etc.
  4. Eat as clean and as possible. We recommend you add vegetable and fruits in your diet and eat small meals throughout the day. Follow the diet that is low in fats. Give your body the best of what you can.
  5. Keep a decent supply for disinfectants, painkillers and anti allergic pills
  6. Hydration is normally important under most cases, but my understanding is that the restrooms are one of the last places you want to visit on Hajj. Hydrate when you know you have access to facilities. If you can, hydrate morning, afternoon, and night. Then when you get back from Hajj, you can recover with proper hydration.
  7. Don’t defecate in open and avoid spitting.
  8. Proper shoes are necessary. Shoes used for hiking are the best. Though, make sure that they fit well and don’t create any trouble while you perform hajj.
  9. Inside of your thighs. Putting baby oil or Vaseline between your legs from the rubbing in order to prevent chaffing or rash.
  10. Try to avoid jostling and shoving during the rush time and it is major cause of bruises.

There is no debate in saying that Hajj or Umrah is a heavy physical activity so it’s better to prepare yourself well before you leave for the holy journey. Try to build your stamina by walking kilometers as you will have to walk miles during hajj. Say no to junk food or drink soft or cold drinks all the time. Stay healthy eat healthy food and drink plenty of water; it will keep you hydrated in hot and humid temperature.

Umer Rafi An avid student of Prophetic Medicine.


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